[RC5] anyone had a look at the AltiVec stuff for PPC?

Jared McIntyre jmcintyre at DEPAUW.EDU
Mon May 18 21:52:34 EDT 1998

>At 02:32 AM 5/17/98 +1000, you wrote:
>>I think it will be worth while to hand tune the PPC version of the core for
>>AltiVec when the CPU is released later this year. I'd love to see the
>>performance on that thing.
>The CPU extentions do sound great, but IBM and Motorola seem to be at odds
>about the extentions (IBM has said it won't fabricate a chip with them),
>and Apple has made no comment yet on them.  I'm not knocking the idea, I'm
>just saying that the AltiVec might be vapor(hard)ware.

Acyually, at WWDC Apple was toughting AltiVec as the future of the PPC on
their computers. Apple wants this, they had a number of speeches and
discussion groups set up on it. I'm just afraid IBM will withold to long.


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