[RC5] Dos Client

Paul Turpie turpie at pemail.net
Wed May 20 09:56:47 EDT 1998

For my DOS machine I simply let it run for about a month off a floppy, then
I put the disk in my Win95 machine and use the win32 command line client on
the disk to -update my buffers.  To simplify this up I have a shortcut
pointing to the client that includes the -update option.

Also on the Win95 machine I use NetLaunch
(http://www.primenet.com/~simpson/) for starting my dial-up connections to
the net. I've got NetLaunch setup to start the Win32 CLI client to update my
buffers as soon as I connect, as well as D4 to synch my clock, and hopefully
soon to update my desktop to the latest weather satellite image of
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