[RC5] Bug in Dos Client 2.7020.403 ???

Dirk Steenbeke dsteenbe at xs4all.be
Fri May 22 19:29:16 EDT 1998


I'm running the latest DOS client on an Am386DX-40 machine.

I have experiance an anoying phenomenom on this computer.

Sometimes he just stops calculating on an keyblock and just begins to 
output dots and percentages like


and the number of percentage goes beyong a billion !!!

this is very bad I thing.

My keyrate on this machine is already so low (20500 keys/sec) and now 
with this it drop below 5000 keys/sec :((((((((((((((((((((

And I thought every bit helps but in this way it don't.

Are there any other reports of this or am I the only one with this 

Many processors make this thing very easy you know :)


Dirk Steenbeke
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