[RC5] Tiling the team history plot

Nick Leverton leveret at warren.demon.co.uk
Wed May 20 14:33:55 EDT 1998

In article <9805158952.AA895261991 at okway.okstate.edu>
gindrup at okway.okstate.edu writes:
>     Is there a way to tile the team history plot?  It appears that very 
>     few pixels change from day to day, but I seem to end up downloading 
>     the entire thing every day...
>     I would suggest tiling in vertical strips by month.  Then, tiles can 
>     be reused until the vertical scale changes or the graph compresses 
>     horizontally by at least a pixel in that tile.
>     Anyway, this might reduce total stats server trffic slightly.

Do you mean sending the graph in several strips instead of one large
image ?  That would vastly increase server load, because even if a strip
hasn't changed, most of the time it will still be checked with an HTTP
If-Modified-Since request.  And as far as I know most Web clients still
don't support persistent connections, so that means one connection for
each strip.  It's likely to be much slower, and for those on flaky or
overloaded links of their own - the sort that fails one access in four,
like my work one on some days - it will take them several refreshes
before they get all the strips.

Nick Leverton
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