[RC5] OK What's this cool looking stats offset thing?

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Wed May 20 11:45:40 EDT 1998

Milton Forté II wrote:
> I like it! Now, what about a Top 100 of the greatest movers?

Not a good/useful idea at all. If all you are going to do is
measure a ranking delta, it would be easy to blow those stats
to useless bits. All I've got to do is submit my blocks under a
different email address every day and I go from rank 400K+ to
somewhere around 50K everyday.

That's not too bad, a +350,000 delta.

All you'd end up measuring would be which people are new and
fast today, or which people have enough spare time and the desire
to pull such a stunt.

Meanwhile, the "top-100 yesterday" listing shows pretty well who's
putting out what "right now". I really don't think that a daily
delta of keyrates or rankings will be of much value. Looking at
some of the graphs, and excluding the notch produced by DES2-1,
keyrates can vary wildly due to workload, buffered blocks,
intermittent connections, and so on.

It would be fairly easy for our team to penetrate the top100y
list. All we'd have to do is set up the proxies to buffer a few
thousand more blocks and to not report until they've each
accumulated a bunch. Then we say "Refresh". Looking at our
current rates and the bottom of the t100y, we'd be able to do
this every 3-4 days.

The point is, it's pointless.

RC5-64 is all about the long haul and the cumulative scores.
Steady daily progress, whether it's just your total, or your
total in comparison to others, that really counts.

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