[RC5] Which sub-keyspace comes next

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Wed May 20 10:40:06 EDT 1998

Don't you guys think that cracking encryption codes just for the sake of
cracking encryption codes is kind of pointless.  Not that I think that
we're going to break RC5-64 anytime soon or anything, but I'd personally
rather participate in even beta-testing a distributed engine with a
better goal(ie...a beta of v3 or something).  I understand that
programming these things takes time, but the GIMPS effort has had their
Mersenne proggy running for quite some time now.  I can't participate in
that due to the firewall I'm stuck behind.  Meanwhile we're sitting here
churning away on RC5-64 (the odds of winning the lottery is the only
harder achievement to compare this to) for no reason other than $$$.
Isn't there some kind of engine that distributed.net could come up with
to start us going on something more worthwhile??
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