[RC5] New Clients

Oscar Chang oscarc at divideby0.com
Sat May 23 01:00:26 EDT 1998

  The following clients have been added:


Change Log
v2.7020.403 98.04.28 Fixed starting of NT service from command line
v2.7020.403 98.04.28 Fixed DOS buffer problems
v2.7020.403 98.04.28 Fixed bug in -offlinemode, when ini file doesn't know
that DES is over.
v2.7020.403 98.04.23 Improved x86 chip identification
v2.7020.403 98.04.23 Faster generic des core
v2.7020.403 98.04.21 Fixed final buffer flush when using "nodisk" mode.
v2.7020.403 98.04.21 Faster generic rc5 core
v2.7020.403 98.04.21 Added "-forcefetch"/"-forceflush".  These deal with
corrupted buffer entries much better.


  The symlinks 


  have been repointed to the unified Netware client, and the links for the
SMP/non-SMP client has been removed on the client page.

>From Cyrus Patel (Netware)
 Unified client for both SMP and non-SMP
 (Runs single-threaded on non-SMP, and multi-threaded on SMP machines)


 NetWareIOS (aka "Client32" [DOS/Win16/Win32]) version is under

>From Me! (OS/2)

 Sorry about the delay of the clients. Updated CLI client, it's now SMP
aware and will automatically detect how many CPU's your machine has. 
 I've also added the -install/-uninstall command line arguments for easy
installation of a program icon into the Startup Folder. Add a -hide along
with the -install switch and it will start the client detached, which
makes it run hidden from the Program List.
  The K6 core is still slower then the Pentium core, and I'll be looking
into that.
  GUI coming soon!

oscarc at divideby0.com
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