[RC5] Latest stats page mods

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Sat May 23 17:55:28 EDT 1998

'Richard Ellis' said previously:

| >  White backgrounds as a GENERAL rule are a BAD idea - please don't
| > follow Mickey$loth's stupid lead in this case.
| I second this.  I also can not stand bright white backgrounds.

I "third" the motion.  The glare of white backgrounds is part of the
reason I never was really fond of the original WYSIWYG editors, whether
on the original Mac or otherwise, since each use the bright "paper
white" background color.  It is very hard on the eyes when coming from

| Please set
| no background color at all, that way whatever default color we have set
| locally in our broswers will take over.  But if you feel you must, set a
| gray, not white background.  Somewhere around 75% gray or so is usually a
| good compromise.

Personally, I like black with 75% grey text.  (Or, more generally, dark
backgrounds w/ light text.)  Of course, that probably comes from my
many years programming on text-mode PC's and Apple ]['s.  My font in
XTERM is a version of the IBM VGA 8x16 font that I got from DOSemu.
:-)    (I also abhor single-stroke fonts.  Vertical lines should be two
pixels wide, IMNSHO.  :-)



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