[RC5] Which sub-keyspace comes next

David Taylor David_Taylor at msn.com
Sun May 24 00:57:39 EDT 1998

> Don't you guys think that cracking encryption codes just for the sake of
> cracking encryption codes is kind of pointless.  Not that I think that
> we're going to break RC5-64 anytime soon or anything,

Yup....... But we are doing this to attempt to show the US government
we need more than the 40 bit encryption they are limiting exports to..
And is there any point what so ever in finding a big prime number!?!

> but I'd personally
> rather participate in even beta-testing a distributed engine with a
> better goal(ie...a beta of v3 or something).  I understand that
> programming these things takes time, but the GIMPS effort has had their
> Mersenne proggy running for quite some time now.  I can't participate in
> that due to the firewall I'm stuck behind.  Meanwhile we're sitting here
> churning away on RC5-64 (the odds of winning the lottery is the only
> harder achievement to compare this to) for no reason other than $$$.
> Isn't there some kind of engine that distributed.net could come up with
> to start us going on something more worthwhile??

D.Net are working on V3..... info on it is at

But I still don't see any point in finding higher and higher Prime numbers

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