[RC5] Tiling the team history plot

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Sat May 23 17:47:15 EDT 1998

'Nick Leverton' said previously:
| Do you mean sending the graph in several strips instead of one large
| image ?  

I think that's the idea.

| That would vastly increase server load, because even if a strip
| hasn't changed, most of the time it will still be checked with an HTTP
| If-Modified-Since request.

Still, the cost of the HTTP queries is still likely much cheaper than
than the cost of actually downloading the whole GIF.  From the standpoint
of the server, the bandwidth requirement should go down.

| And as far as I know most Web clients still
| don't support persistent connections, so that means one connection for
| each strip.  It's likely to be much slower, and for those on flaky or
| overloaded links of their own - the sort that fails one access in four,
| like my work one on some days - it will take them several refreshes
| before they get all the strips.

It'll probably be worst the first time, but acceptible on subsequent
reloads.  For modem users, it'll probably be a wash, or a slight win on
bandwidth starved connection.  In the mean time, a little Java crapplet
or perhaps some JavaScript could decide which images to load, to get
over brain-dead browser behavior over bad links.  Supporting persistent
connections in the browser are the long term solution, though, and I
hope that at least the leading browsers will start supporting them, if
they don't already.  (I haven't been keeping up on browser technology
all that much.)

Not that I'm a huge Java/JavaScript fan, though.  Most of my dislike
towards Java stems from what it is misused for, rather than what it can
and should be used for.  Big hints:

 -- Gratuitous dancing/animated icons == bad, 
 -- Requiring JavaScript just so that a form-submit button works == bad, 
 -- Using web shopping carts built from cookies and JavaScript, instead
    of a simple form with "Quantity" boxes (particularly when the site
    only has 2 or 3 products) == bad,
 -- Implementing a truly useful feature that cannot be implemented 
    efficiently by any other means == GOOD.  ;-)




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