[RC5] Tiling the team history plot

Hugo Villeneuve harpagon at rocketmail.com
Sun May 24 00:42:06 EDT 1998

I went and take a look at history plot to see what a good java application
could do there, after reading Joe Zbiciak email.

But even java couldn't do better that what is currently done by the stat
box. The plot isn't a GIF, it's produce by htlm code. If you take a look
at a html source you'll see that it's pretty ingenius.

A horizontal bar is produce by shading a cell and by setting it width with
a percent value compute by the stat box. You can go take a look, it's

This process make a huge html text file but it's still less than the
coresponding gif, and less work for the stat box.

---Joe Zbiciak <j-zbiciak1 at ti.com> wrote:
> 'Nick Leverton' said previously:
> | 
> | Do you mean sending the graph in several strips instead of one large
> | image ?  
> I think that's the idea.
> | That would vastly increase server load, because even if a strip
> | hasn't changed, most of the time it will still be checked with an HTTP
> | If-Modified-Since request.
(snip: talk about History Plot, html query, and java)
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