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Tue May 26 17:27:08 EDT 1998

I think I have located a bug in the RC5 client for Windows95 (RC5DES

I'm running a small network, formerly 100% windows based with a Winroute
gateway. Now I've chosen to use a Linux gateway, mostly for the fun of it.
Then I've noticed a problem that didn't occur when I was using Winroute.

I short, my problem is that the Linux-box sometimes dails (it's set for
Dial-On-Demand) without any real reason (for example then I rebooted a
windows box). To track down the problem, I modified /sbin/request-route to
log various events to /var/log/rroute.log. The logs showed that the problem
derives from access attempts to, one of the DNS servers
I'm using. To track down the source access, I ensured that only one Windows
machine was running and that it's only DNS server was Then
I ensured that /etc/resolv.conf didn't have that DNS server in it, and
rebooted the linux. The problem remained.

after various testing with my windows machine, I noticed that the windows
machine access the DNS server when I for example restart the RC5DES client.
So I believe there's a bug in the client, that it makes some kind of access
of the DNS even when it doesn't update the keys. However, I don't
understand what kind of access that could be since winroute can handle it
but linux can't.

Can anyone else verify if the problem is real or if it is just me being a
linux-newbie who has done something wrong?

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