[RC5] Which sub-keyspace comes next

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	> Don't you guys think that cracking encryption codes just for
the sake of
	> cracking encryption codes is kind of pointless.  Not that I
think that
	> we're going to break RC5-64 anytime soon or anything,

	Yup....... But we are doing this to attempt to show the US
	we need more than the 40 bit encryption they are limiting
exports to..
	And is there any point what so ever in finding a big prime

	RC5-56 beat the 56 bit contest ages ago.  My main gripe is
this...prime numbers or optimal golomb rulers,or what not are at  least
mysteries that are undiscovered that are not man-made.  If we just sit
and work on RC5-64...then 72,etc.. we're defeating man-made puzzles.
The puzzles have been created for one purpose...so that it takes a long
time to break it.  At least with some of the other distributed projects
out there(or projects that COULD be distributed(ie...the chess engine).
There is some tangible goal.  At least someone's name will actually be
remembered for finding a number with unique properties.  

	Now the DES II-2 project I definitely see a point in.  Why??
Because it probably wont take more than a couple weeks to beat and the
prize money/time spent ratio will be well worth it.

	Couldn't there be some way to come up with  a faster way to
break the RC contests?  

	Hopefully, the V3 clients that handle Mersennes will be done by
the time DES II is completed or maybe SETI at home will be running

	But I still don't see any point in finding higher and higher
Prime numbers

	that was just an example..there are dozens of projects out there
with real-world applications that could be distributed...
	check out  http://www.mersenne.org/

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