[RC5] Re: was blank now w95-linux-client...

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Tue May 26 17:08:57 EDT 1998

bluefish at swipnet.se wrote:
> rebooted the linux. The problem remained.

To start with, I know that you acknowledge yourself as a linux-
newbie, but forget this idea of changing something and rebooting.
That's a Micro$oft or Win-XX affliction that has no relation to
the rest of the world of OS's.

If you want to modify something in linux, you simply make the
changes and save the file. Sometimes you have to send a SIGHUP
to a daemon, or stop and restart a particular program, but AFAIK,
you don't ever have to reboot to re-setup anything except if you
want to load a new kernel, change root file systems, or change

Otherwise, sorry about w95 problems. I do try to avoid them ;-)

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