[RC5] Different DES code in Irix mips clients?

Samel Vitezslav xsamel00 at dcse.fee.vutbr.cz
Mon May 25 21:20:56 EDT 1998


  I'm running IRIX-mips clients and discovered, that build
  has different DES core than

  Older code (build 396) is *a lot FASTER*.
These are my benchmarks (on totally idle machine):

	build			keys/sec
     v2.7010.393		1173835.26
     v2.7013.396 32 bit		1206998.96
     v2.7013.396 64 bit		2450650.49
     v2.7020.403		 603842.14

(tested on IRIX64 - MIPS R10000 / 175MHz)

  Authors of 396 code refer to DES code as "Meggs' DES C code".

  So my question is:
  Is there an intent to build DES code based on this faster slice ??

Vitezslav Samel, student of Technical University, Brno, Czech republic
E-mail: xsamel00 at dcse.fee.vutbr.cz (ISO-8859-2 friendly)
For PGP do: finger xsamel00 at sts.dcse.fee.vutbr.cz
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