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Dear, David ddear at northshores.com
Wed May 27 17:05:42 EDT 1998

You realize that most word processors have a 100% white background?  And
its not the same as looking into a light bulb as far as light intensity
goes.  Not by any means.   

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> > White backgrounds as a GENERAL rule are a BAD idea - please don't
> >follow Mickey$loth's stupid lead in this case.
> >
> Odd, everything that I have read says that dark on dark is a bad idea.

The problem is not that the background is light in and of itself.  The
problem is that it's 100% white, which is way way way too bright for
comfortable reading.  A crt running 100% white background with black
text is
equivalent to looking into a lightbulb.  A white sheet of paper with
text is not reflecting into your eyes the same intensity of light that
100% white crt is transmitting.

Additionally, 100% white is also the color which is most likely to
if your monitors refresh rate is not fast enough.  The brighter the
the easier it is to show flicker.

My complaint is not that the background is white, it's that the
is white and it's being forced upon us.  If the HTTP source simply did
set any background at all, then we would each have a choice in the
If you like bright white, you leave your browser set for bright white.
If I
prefer 75% gray, I leave mine set for 75% gray.  That way you get your
bright white without having to look at my 75% gray, and I get my 75%
without having to look at your bright white.

I'm simply asking not to have it forced upon us, but to let each
choose the background color most comfortable for them.


ps.  Yes, I know Netscape can force a particular background color, but
Netscape implemented the color choice wrong because it also messes up
where darker colors are set.  Instead of being a forced color, it should
have been an intensity clip, so that it would clip all colors with an
intensity above X to X.

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