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Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Wed May 27 22:16:27 EDT 1998

'bluefish at swipnet.se' said previously:
| I think I have located a bug in the RC5 client for Windows95 (RC5DES
| v2.7016.400).


| To track down the source access, I ensured that only one Windows
| machine was running and that it's only DNS server was Then
| I ensured that /etc/resolv.conf didn't have that DNS server in it, and
| rebooted the linux. The problem remained.

While I can't verify the behavior, I can suggest a workaround that may
improve the overall performance of your mini-network.

You can set up the Linux box as a caching name server, and set all of the
Windows boxes to point to it for DNS.  That way, when the spurious DNS
request comes in, since the request is going to the Linux box and not onto
the 'net, you don't start the dialup connection.

The following URL (dug up with a 30 second search at Yahoo) has the
bit out of the DNS HOWTO that explains setting up a caching-only DNS
server.  I can't vouch for its completeness, but it should help:


You might be able to find a closer link someplace else.  (I couldn't
get to www.linux.org to see if they had a closer HOWTO repository.
Their web server wasn't responding from behind our slow firewall.)



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