[RC5] Personal proxy assistance needed

Greg Hewgill gregh at lightspeed.net
Thu May 28 22:23:14 EDT 1998

>I'd pretty much come to the same conclusion.  I'd really like to get a
>pproxy running here to make it easy for others in the company to join
>the challenge, but it just won't work for me - I believe we have MS
>proxy server too.

I am running an RC5 pproxy behind an MS proxy server. The key is to make
sure you have the MSP Client installed on your pproxy machine, and to make
sure the pproxy is running under a user account who has access to the
correct port (2064 I believe). My pproxy is running as a service under NT,
so I had to enter a specific user account into the service configuration.
Sometimes, after restarting the computer, the pproxy will be unable to
communicate with the network - in this case I just stop the service and
restart it.
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