[RC5] Personal proxy assistance needed

Bryan Craig Edwards edwardsc at se40.corona.navy.mil
Fri May 29 07:37:44 EDT 1998

I was able to get the pproxy to work at my firewalled/proxied site by
punching a "hole" on port 2064 for the pproxy machine.  No combination of
INI settings could get it to work otherwise (unlike the clients).  So there
must be something different about the pproxy communication mode.  The
question is "why"?  Its not like the pproxy is transmitting anything more
complicated than the clients are.

Craig Edwards
edwardsc at se40.corona.navy.,mil (what out for that comma!)

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Date: Thursday, May 28, 1998 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: [RC5] Personal proxy assistance needed

>Todd Humphries writes:
>>I tried to set up a pproxy to run thru a MS Proxy Server v2 type
>>firewall and had no luck. I gave up and emailed rc5help at distributed.net
>>and got a reply from Mike Silbersack telling me:
>>"I checked with our proxy programmers, and it turns out that different
>>code is used with the proxies than the clients... I'm
>>not sure if this can be changed or not (proxies use a different
>>communications method than clients do.)  So, for now, don't
>>spend any more time trying to get it to work. :)"
>I'd pretty much come to the same conclusion.  I'd really like to get a
>pproxy running here to make it easy for others in the company to join
>the challenge, but it just won't work for me - I believe we have MS
>proxy server too.  I tried to join the pproxy mailing list but only got
>bounces from the list manager.  Does anyone have any more info on
>whether or when it is likely to be fixed ?
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