[RC5] Countries

-SwM- swm at zip.com.au
Sat May 30 18:38:26 EDT 1998

The following is based on logical assumptions:

The internet is dynamic, based on host info, one cannot successfully find
which country every contributer pertains to. 

There is no information in the rc5 client configuration which could allow
distributed to know the country the client is in.

People do not record their country in the individual/team stats.

ergo, it is basically impossible to know this information, as of the
writting of this email.

Moreover, if such a system was to be implemented, it would cost (in terms 
of coding, and computing power) more than it would be worth:

	o	clients would need additional coding
	o	stats system would have to be updated

	o	it would make the config for the client larger, and trival
	o	people may use machines all over the world (i do)
	o	of what *essential* use is the information?

Lastly, Many Japanese Teams are high in the stats. Japan may out do the



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