[RC5] Linux-problem strikes back

Tomasz Glowacki tglow at box43.gnet.pl
Thu May 28 23:08:21 EDT 1998

Hi !

Some time ago I mentioned here that I'm having problem with my linux
-box , but i havent got any reply .

So , I just cant keep my rc5 client running for longer than 10 minutes , it
always gets killed (no matter what i will set , and what i will do :) )
It's somewhat strange . Could someone check/look at that system for 
solve of my problem ? ( I can give you an IP , logon and password) 

Please , help :( 



  TomeQ^AVD^BRK (Tomasz Głowacki)
       tglow at box43.gnet.pl
    glowacka at bobas.czd.waw.pl

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