[RC5] Re:

Charles P. Wright cpw at unix.asb.com
Sat May 30 12:15:28 EDT 1998

Robert Rogers wrote:
> Is there a version that will run on Win 3.x?  I have a dozen computers
> running the Win NT version at work and a Win 95 computer at home, but I
> have 2 Dos/Win3.11 computers at home with nearly 100% idle time that
> could be put to good use.
> Rob
Sorry, at this point I don't have a Windows 3.1 version.  Visual Basic 3
did not include a Winsock control that I rely upon.  I will see if there
is a control for 4, and if it has support for Windows 3.1 applications. 
If so I will consider a client, but it will not be any where near as
stable or fully featured.
Charles P. Wright
cpw at unix.asb.com
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