[RC5] Linux-problem strikes back

Isaac zarkon at concentric.net
Sat May 30 19:21:47 EDT 1998

You should also mention what version of Linux and platform you are running,
which client, and any special configurations on the machine.  You're more
likely to get help that way.

At 10:08 PM 5/28/98 +0200, Tomasz Glowacki wrote:
>Some time ago I mentioned here that I'm having problem with my linux
>-box , but i havent got any reply .
>So , I just cant keep my rc5 client running for longer than 10 minutes ,
>always gets killed (no matter what i will set , and what i will do :) )
>It's somewhat strange . Could someone check/look at that system for 
>solve of my problem ? ( I can give you an IP , logon and password) 

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