[ANNOUNCE][ADMIN][RC5] New clients and Beta-testing

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Sun May 31 02:20:02 EDT 1998

The first of the clients the will become v2.7100 are now being released!!

Distributed.net is growing up - the release process will be a little more structured.

All new builds will be posted to www.distributed.net/betatest.html for at least 3 days
before being moved to www.distributed.net/clients.html. These clients are better than 
the existing clients BUT we are instituting the beta-test system to allow the clients to
rest for a few days before being released "officially" 

There have been a number of changes to the client some minor and some more major
Here's a list of some of them	
	o New -config menus
	o New log format
	o PercentBar changed
	o X86Ident replacing core benchmarking on X86 clients
	o New DES Bitslice code using Mathew Kwan's S-boxes for RISC clients
	o Working Amiga PPC client
	o New Arm Clients 
	o OS390 Client
	o New PARisc RC5 core
	o fixed http proxy 

Dave Avery

Dave Avery                                       daa at distributed.net
distributed .net                                  Coder Coordinator

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