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Hugo Villeneuve harpagon at rocketmail.com
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You're Canadian and you probably live in Ontario.

You're right about email address that belong to top level domain name
(.com, .net, .edu), they contain in themself no reliable information
about the country. But the country of origin can be easely found.
InterNIC, the company that register those domain names, offers a WHOIS
database that we can query. It contains enought information to make a
assumption about the country (still major corp. can offer services in
other countries).

That is what I got when I query whois.internic.net about your email
domain "inforamp.net" (There is that much infos about every single
domain name register at InterNIC):

- ----------
InfoRamp Inc. (INFORAMP-DOM)
   134 Adelade St. #207
   Toronto, Ontario

   Domain Name: INFORAMP.NET

   Administrative Contact:
      Lombard, Stuart  (SL68)  stuart at ISOLATION.COM
      (416) 622-7500 (FAX) (416) 622-7577
   Technical Contact:
      PSI-NISC  (PS188-ORG)  Hostinfo at PSI.COM
Fax- 703-904-1207
   Zone Contact:
      Domain Registrar, iSTAR  (ID80)  Registration at ISTAR.NET
      +1 (888) 464-7827 (FAX) +1 (613) 780-6666

   Record last updated on 16-Apr-98.
   Record created on 14-Jul-94.
   Database last updated on 30-May-98 03:35:31 EDT.
   Domain servers in listed order:
The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY non-military
Domains and
POC's.  Other associated whois servers:
  American Registry for Internet Numbers whois server - whois.arin.net
  European IP Address Allocations whois server - whois.ripe.net
  Asia Pacific IP Address Allocations whois server - whois.apnic.net
  US Military whois server - whois.nic.mil
- ----------

I could have found the same information if you had give me your IP
nomber since we can query ARIN for that (for companies, we can usely
found their provider only).

When we query ARIN for (the Distributed.net statbox
IP) we found that the number belong to "Best Internet Communications,
Inc." 421 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94040, US. (You'll found a
link to them on the mainstat page because they're their statbox home.)

(For those freak out there that tought they were safe to do everything
on internet, think again: if your IP gets log somewhere, you better
hope your service provider isn't police friendly and doesn't log
anything. [you should do dumb illegal stuff from stolen account,
public computers, busy internet café and NEVER from home with your or
parents' account]

But we can not trust email that their domain is a known free email
provider like Hotmail, most of them are in the .com domain. Because
from everywhere in the world, you can get free email there. They seem
to be popular among rc5 participants.

I would like very much to see country statistics, but I guess the best
way to get accurate data would be to do a statical survey by selecting
randomly 150-300 active participants and sending them by private email
an html form asking their country and by having a cgi or program on
the statbox that would automaticaly log their answers.

Hugo Villeneuve

unrelated note: 
I was glad to read that WordPerfect was consider the best word
processor. I learn WP with the 5.1 DOS version and I'm still a big fan
(now I use version 8 for windows). It had a horrible look but you
could do wonder with it. WP is a word processor since 1980, even
Microsoft Word 97 cannot be call a word processor, it's just a big

for whom who said that he like WP but was using vi on linux:
(If you have money to spend, Corel has a Unix (maybe also Linux)
version WP, one text interface, one for X-windows)

- ---Chris Eaton <tridus at inforamp.net> wrote:
> At 11:09 AM 29/05/98 , you wrote:
> >Hi everybody,
> >
> >I would like to know if it is possible to find out what the
> >to the rc5 project of countries around the world are. My (logical)
> >is that the US will win, but is that also true if those numbers are
> >to the population?
> >Take for instance my country, Belgium, we have only 10 M people,
but our
> >contribution is rather high, isn't it?
> >
> >If those number are available please let me know, I'm really
> Ithink the only way to keep such information without asking every
user what
> country they're from is to take the domain from their email address.
This is
> still misleading, since people outside of the us can still have a
Top Level
> domain (.com, .org, .net, .edu, etc), so where do you count those?

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