[RC5] Alternative Clients

Avon Kerr avon at onyx.interactive.net
Sun May 31 18:35:51 EDT 1998


I have 2 quick issues that I was wondering if anyone had any input on.  

1.) Has anyone attempted to work on an x86 based client that has better
support for Multiprocessor machines?  I have a small stable of 2-way
Pentium Pro's(Dell), 2 and 4-way Pentium II machines(Dell), several 4-way
Pentium Pros(Data General), and 2 8-Way Pentium Pro's (Data Generals).  I
remember hearing the idea being kicked about "pseduo-vector" processing,
and other oddities.  However, most of it was IRC-related, so I never got
specifics.  Did anyone ever write an oddball client like that?   

If the answer to the above is yes, can someone point to where to obtain it.
 If the answer is no, I'd like to volunteer some hardware for trials using
any of these oddball clients. 

2.) I'm currently doing research on VPN's, and I have a rather substantial
testbed of equipment that's been thoughtfully provided by a few vendors.
Mostly Bay Networks 550N VPN devices, and Enterprise 4000 switches.  The
reason I mention them is that both of these boxes support DES andTriple-DES
encryption for encryption of network traffic.  Anywhow, the 550N claims a
sustained speed of 10Mbps Triple-DES encrypted traffic, their regular DES
traffic is listed as something above that.  The Enterprise 4000 has a
supposed claim of 115Mbps sustained.   Anyhow, since both of these units
appear to have some form of on-board hardware encryption.  How difficult
(or possible) would it be for them to be accessed for Bovine?   I'm willing
to volunteer the boxes for testing, however, I cannot get them out of the
building where they are located.  If someone's willing to assist in the
effort, I'll do what I can.

Please reply via email, I doubt this subject is of interest to the list at

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