[rc5] Thinking of an Alpha (the end)

Walter Nissen Walter_Nissen at hmc.edu
Thu Nov 12 03:12:53 EST 1998


I think that it is time for this thread to finally die. While there may be many
interesting issues related to Alphas, they are not relevant to Distributed.net, except
tangentially as a source of computing power. I am particularly speaking about the cost of
RAM, which is important, but completely off-topic. I count 19 messages, and the *first*
one wasn't even on topic! Please, no one add anything more, or I will be forced to begin
filtering out messages with "Alpha" in the subject line. I bet some of you have done that
already. ;)

To keep any more bandwidth being wasted on this thread, I'll stop ranting.


Walter_Nissen at hmc.edu

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