[RC5] nice hardware for distributed.net

Martin Harvey martin at aziraphale.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 1 11:18:20 EST 1998

Matthew Toseland wrote:

> They probably don't know this, but it is justified... most apps (apart from
> games) don't push the CPU too hard *ALL* the time i.e. if you are just using
> Office, even if it's switched off overnight, it's almost certainly 80% idle.
> Even high-end graphics idles most of the time, unless you are raytracing in the
> background (sounds fun given memory footprint :). 

Hey, raytracing in the background isn't *that* bad. I'm currently
writing a nice little distributed raytracer. Sure... it helps if you
have lots of ram, especially when using large texture maps... and it
also helps if you're not having to send the input data and completed
blocks around using modems, but I find it all multitasks very nicely
with my other apps... no disk thrashing at all... having said that, I've
got 80M of RAM installed, so I'd be very unhappy if the disks *did*
start thrashing.


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