[RC5] K6-2 Benchmarks?

rc5.7 at juno.com rc5.7 at juno.com
Thu Nov 5 18:52:32 EST 1998

>Out of curiosity, is anyone here running the client on one of the new 
>380's or 400's? If so, could you post what kind of keyrate you're 
>The reason I'm asking is that I'm considering getting one of AMD's 
>chips, and I just wanted to see how they fared against my lowly 

My 300 mhz k6-2 gets about 490kk/s
overclocking to 333 gets about 550kk/s
pII 266 gets about 750kk/s
pII 450 gets about 1.24Mk/s
If you can afford it I'd definately suggestion the Pentium II to the AMD
If you can't afford it and just want rc5 speed get a Celeron.

Jadin Hanson
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