[RC5] K6-2 Benchmarks?

Henrik Berglund SdU adb94hbd at mds.mdh.se
Sat Nov 7 14:32:20 EST 1998

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998 rc5.7 at juno.com wrote:

> My 300 mhz k6-2 gets about 490kk/s
> overclocking to 333 gets about 550kk/s
> pII 266 gets about 750kk/s
> pII 450 gets about 1.24Mk/s
> If you can afford it I'd definately suggestion the Pentium II to the AMD
> K6-2.

just because one can afford it its not a good idea to pay more than twice
as much money for a thing that isnt any faster in anything but rc5. If you
use some real benchmark you will se that they are almost identical when it
comes to integer speed and the amdk6-2 also have two 3dnow units that when
used makes the amd a bit faster at float than the pII.

> If you can't afford it and just want rc5 speed get a Celeron.
The celeron with level2 cache are just as fast as a pII and in some things
even faster. Still a little expensive(almost twice the price of the amd).

Henrik.Berglund at mds.mdh.se 

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