[RC5] K6-2 Benchmarks?

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Sun Nov 8 00:59:03 EST 1998

>just because one can afford it its not a good idea to pay more than 
>as much money for a thing that isnt any faster in anything but rc5. If 
>use some real benchmark you will se that they are almost identical 
>when it
>comes to integer speed and the amdk6-2 also have two 3dnow units that 
>used makes the amd a bit faster at float than the pII.

it's faster by brute force only. Amd doesn't have a 450mhz chip out, so
even though the amd is faster than say a 350, it's not faster than the
450. Not enough programs use the 3dnow to make it worthwhile.

Also many games have less bugs on pII's. The reason I'm so biased is I
like fast rc5 processors, and my Unreal game will not play past level 1
because of my k6-2 chip. (on all other computers it works fine!!!) But
for most people they probably would want to go with the amd. But like I
said, 'if it's rc5 speed you want...'

Jadin Hanson
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