[RC5] Eh?

Niall Rough deadpool at orangenet.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 18:58:13 EST 1998

Look guys, I'm sorry about that really pathetic string, but that's really
the way that I feel.
I've been RC%ing for about 6 months now and I've been on the list for nearly
as long (first the digest, but I've moved on to this). I joined this group
because I believe what we are doing is just. And due to pressure from a
friend whom some of you may know.
Unfortunately, I have not really learned much from the list. I find it
interesting to read about you ppl and your opinions, but sometimes thing
just go right over my head.
This probably has been asked many times before, and there most likely is a
very obvious solution, but is there anywhere that I would be able to learn
the basics of d.net. I've tried and tried to relate FIFO buffers to
something in my computing knowledge, but as of yet, the only thing i can
think of is FIFA...
Also, another thing that I have discussed with the said friend. Around a
week (i think) ago, d.net started a finger, as in the Q2 finger, which sends
you .plan files through your email.  I've just read up on the recent
happenings in the V3 Client, and I'm intrigued. So...I was wondering if
there were any plans to start a mailing list for this, or if anyone would be
kind enough to post the updates on the list.
Well, Thank you...
Niall Rough
ICQ #10298444
WWW http://www.members.tripod.com/komikingdom/

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