[RC5] Idea for the stats box

djh djh at null.net
Mon Nov 9 23:05:44 EST 1998

I like that one.  I would like simple stats like average kkeys/s would give
people a good idea of how fast they are (aren't) going compared to the rest
of the contributors.

How about a top newcomers list?

Or a browsable list of ALL contributors, maybe on a weekly basis if the list
would take to long to generate?  ..or even who the closest matched
contributors (in total keys and/or kkeys/s) to yourself are to encourage
'pride in your keyrate' as one of the keyservers tells me.

Am I talking about a stats nightmare?  8-)

Aaron's idea helps to make people /feel/ as though they are contributing
rather than leaving that feeling to the monster crunchers in the Top 100

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> I think an interesting addition to the stats would be how
> long it would
> take the project to get to the point that it is at now if you hadn't
> participated.  For example say something like "If you had not
> contributed
> to the project, we would be 2 minutes behind where we are now.  Just a
> thought, and not to hard to calculate either.  Just make sure
> that when
> you do the calculation you subtract there key rate from the
> overall key
> rate.

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