[RC5] Idea for the stats box

David Tarkowski dtarkows at mit.edu
Tue Nov 10 00:41:50 EST 1998

Okay, while we are pestering our hardworking (and overworked) stats "team," I 
would like to add my two cents.  I think it would be neat to show a relation 
to the RC5-56 keyspace.  For example, the stats run of 08 Nov 1998 says that 
12732368 blocks were completed yesterday.  That means that we would completely 
exhaust the RC5-56 keyspace in just about 21 days!  Now I remember when RC5-56 
had an estimated completion time measured in decades, if not centuries, so 
that is really impressive to me.  I know that the stats are a time consuming 
chore, but I want to share my idea.

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