[RC5] Proper method for importing buff-out files?

John "Chris" Wren jcwren at atlanta.com
Tue Nov 17 13:34:23 EST 1998

	I recently (last night) used a 4 way Xeon box I had access to
crunch keys as a demo for some folks.  Overnight it ran 336 random
blocks (no network for this puppy, yet).  I'd like to submit those
blocks.  I have a laptop that is connected to the network running the
RC5 client.

	How do I properly go about flushing the keyblocks the other
machine did without disrupting the laptop?

	By the way, this machine was running at about 50% it's rated
speed, and was doing 2.21M KPS.  Can't wait 'til it goes faster!

	- John "Chris" Wren, Team Anvil

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