[RC5] Distributed.net Advertising/PR ideas...

Alex Bischoff abischof at vt.edu
Mon Nov 16 23:24:41 EST 1998

	I have a few ideas for advertising for distributed.net. But, before I get
into that, is there going to be a white version of the d.net logo? I see
that there is one, sorta, but it's only one size, unlike the many sizes of
the black version :(.

Now, onto the ideas:

* How about posters with the d.net logo? Perfect for any geek's dorm room <g>.

* This one's more likely though: bumper stickers? It could have some catchy
slogan, and the URL. Or, for the more adventurous, it could include
rsa-crypto-sig, in case any foreigners are driving along ;).

* Lastly, t-shirts? DESCHALL made shirts after they cracked DES, and lots
of people (including me) bought one... They could even be as simple as the
d.net logo, with a catchy slogan or something...

And, yes, if any of these were made, I'd buy some :).

  Alex Bischoff, KB3BZG
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