[RC5] Proper method for importing buff-out files?

John "Chris" Wren jcwren at atlanta.com
Tue Nov 17 18:10:44 EST 1998

	Well, I don't know exactly why you'd find the performance of a
Xeon disappointing.  The fact that it has a meg of *full speed* cache,
as opposed to the 1/2 speed cache of a Pentium II makes for a major
performance advantage.  Every statistic available shows that a 400mhz
seriously outperforms a 450mhz PII, in all cases except where
continous cache faults occur (and even Windows 95 doesn't cause that).
And with the advent of the 450mhz Xeons (Tanner), a PII 400 doesn't
come close.

	And the numbers I gave were using 4 processors, not 2.  As I
mentioned it was running at about 50% of it's rated speed (i.e., about
200 mhz per processor, or a little less).   

	While I'm aware of how much time the algorithm spends in
cache, I'm sort of curious what the memory requirement of it is.  In
this particluar system, the memory subsystem is running at a pathetic

	When this system is brought full up, the numbers will be at
least a factor of 2 better (perhaps even close to 3).

	- Chris

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998 10:58:45 -0500, you wrote:

>I find the performance of the Xeon somewhat disappointing.  I expected it to
>be a somewhat better.  I am running a PII-350 and am getting 980K kps.  What
>is the speed of the processors?  If they are running 400Mhz that it would be
>about right.  I expect you are lousing some performance due to the
>multi-processor communications.  I am also assuming that it was using 2
>processors instead of 4.
>You can stop processing on your laptop and copy your buffer files to a safe
>location.  Copy the buffer files from the Xeon box to your RC5 directory and
>perform a flush.  Then copy your original laptop buffers back to the RC5
>directory and start processing where you left off.
>-John Scott
>kd4vhg at radio.org
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>> 	I recently (last night) used a 4 way Xeon box I had access to
>> crunch keys as a demo for some folks.  Overnight it ran 336 random
>> blocks (no network for this puppy, yet).  I'd like to submit those
>> blocks.  I have a laptop that is connected to the network running the
>> RC5 client.
>> 	How do I properly go about flushing the keyblocks the other
>> machine did without disrupting the laptop?
>> 	By the way, this machine was running at about 50% it's rated
>> speed, and was doing 2.21M KPS.  Can't wait 'til it goes faster!
>> 	- John "Chris" Wren, Team Anvil
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