[RC5] Distributed.net Advertising/PR ideas...

CompuPC1 at aol.com CompuPC1 at aol.com
Tue Nov 17 16:36:12 EST 1998

Our team has T-shirts and just three of us in school wearing them for one day
caused  something like four people to join our team - it will work.  It may
not be such a good idea to get tons of new members until statsbox-ii comes
into service (so statsbox-i is not overloaded).  But after that we should
defiantly increase our promotion.  Even if distributed.net cannot sell stuff,
you could at least post a design in acrobat or Photoshop format for printing
of posters, ironing on T-shirts, etc...


> Good idea Alex,
>  Some sort of distributed.net paraphernalia would be cool. I'm thinking
>  T-shirts... geeks love T-shirts. I would also invest in a poster if one
>  were made available. Although, I've already made my own poster which
>  consists of a screen capture from the November 7th "Top 100 Participants
>  Yesterday" stats (in which I broke 80th) that was printed on a 56 inch
>  color plotter. But even my crappy poster has stirred up a lot of
>  interest in the project! So an official one would be even cooler. 
>  As for the slogan, "The Fastest Computer On Earth" is fine with me ;)

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