[RC5] Proper method for importing buff-out files?

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Wed Nov 18 06:22:57 EST 1998

'John \"Chris\" Wren' said previously:
[4 Xeons at half speed]

| 	And the numbers I gave were using 4 processors, not 2.  As I
| mentioned it was running at about 50% of it's rated speed (i.e., about
| 200 mhz per processor, or a little less).   

What OS are you running?  That might give some clues.

| 	While I'm aware of how much time the algorithm spends in
| cache, I'm sort of curious what the memory requirement of it is.  In
| this particluar system, the memory subsystem is running at a pathetic
| 66mhz.  

Actually, I believe on P-IIs (plenty of L2) vs. old Celerons (no L2),
the keys/MHz doesn't change noticeably.  By that argument, the Xeons
shouldn't improve the keys/MHz any over P-IIs.



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