[RC5] Remote Cows problems

Bryan Talbot btalbot at ucsd.edu
Wed Nov 18 16:57:29 EST 1998

Thanks for the help.  Randy Carver got me to a solution.  I had assumed
that Remote Cows wanted a UNC name for the remote machine (e.g. \\cracker)
when it actually just wanted a bare machine name (e.g. cracker).  The funny
thing was that the UNC name would work enough to register the service with
the remote machine's service control manager, but it could not copy files
and such.  So, it just kinda worked half-way and that threw me off.

Thanks again,

At 10:08 PM 11/18/98 +0100, Andre Albsmeier wrote:
>On Tue, 17-Nov-1998 at 17:39:09 -0800, Bryan Talbot wrote:
>> Has anyone here had any luck getting the Remote Cows NT service manager to
>> work as it should?  I can't get it to install the client properly, it
>> always fails with a lovely "Unknown error" dialog box.  The service gets
>> installed in the service manager, but no files are ever copied to the
>> remote machine.  I have admin privileges on both the local and remote
>> machines.  I can copy the files to the remote machine manually just fine,
>> so it doesn't seem to be a file permissions problem.
>Hmm, yes it worked here out of the box... Can you mount
>\\client\c$ on the machine where remote cows are?
>My remote cows machine is NT server 4.0 and I have about 40
>clients controlled by it.
>	-Andre

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