[RC5] Remote Cows problems

Rob Rogers RRogers78 at usa.net
Wed Nov 18 15:06:29 EST 1998

Bryan Talbot wrote:
> Has anyone here had any luck getting the Remote Cows NT service manager to
> work as it should?  I can't get it to install the client properly, it
> always fails with a lovely "Unknown error" dialog box.  The service gets
> installed in the service manager, but no files are ever copied to the
> remote machine.  I have admin privileges on both the local and remote
> machines.  I can copy the files to the remote machine manually just fine,
> so it doesn't seem to be a file permissions problem.

I had this same problem. If I remember correctly you have to create the
directory you want the client to go into on each machine (which you can
do locally) As soon as I did that the error messages went away. I don't
know why Remote Cows won't create the directories itself, but it's not
too hard of a workaround (although a little annoying if you're trying to
install to a large number of machines)

(By the way, since when has this list been using ORBS? I've never had a
problem sending a message to the list before.)

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