[RC5] Interactive jobs detectors

Marc Sissom marcus at teleteam.net
Fri Nov 20 18:12:01 EST 1998

Francis Muguet wrote:
> Att: rc5 at lists.distributed.net
>  I seek your help and advice on distributed computing constraints.
>  A colleague of mine is running rc5 on Linux PCs dedicated
>  primarily to teaching.
>  I am using also these PCs for my research.
>  Research jobs should have of course a high priority over
>  rc5, mine are taking at least 40Mb ( 128Mb PC ), and
>  should affect in the least possible way
>   student interactive jobs.
>  However even with rc5 is running at nice+20, it takes a 20%
>  I would hate to ask my colleague to stop rc5 on our Linux PCs,
>  since I think that using idle CPU time is a good idea.
>  So, I wonder if there is some neat solution to these constraints.

Since you seem to be in a cooperative environment. Ask him if
you can run the crackers on those boxes which you wish to use
for research. If so, build a script that will kill all the
crackers when you start up and then restart them when you shut

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