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Bryan Talbot btalbot at ucsd.edu
Fri Nov 20 23:43:13 EST 1998

At 09:25 PM 11/20/98 +0000, Francis Muguet wrote:

loadwatch seems like what you're asking for.  I haven't used this, but it
was announced on this list last month.  Check the archives for:
http://lists.distributed.net/hypermail/rc5.Nov1998/0039.html if you want to
see the original message.  The URL for loadwatch itself is:

The Unix program only allows a given client program to run when the machine
load is within a given range.  It sends the client a SIGSTOP when the
machine load goes above a given high water mark, and sends a SIGCONT when
the load returns to a low water mark.


>Att: rc5 at lists.distributed.net 
> Dear distibuted netters, 
> I seek your help and advice on distributed computing constraints.
> A colleague of mine is running rc5 on Linux PCs dedicated
> primarily to teaching.
> I am using also these PCs for my research.
> Research jobs should have of course a high priority over
> rc5, mine are taking at least 40Mb ( 128Mb PC ), and
> should affect in the least possible way 
>  student interactive jobs.
> However even with rc5 is running at nice+20, it takes a 20%
> CPU load over my own research jobs which are running at nice+7
>  ( before at nice+10, this was slowing down too much my programs ).
>  But even this nice+7 value is too high if I want not to affect
>  student interactive jobs.
> I would hate to ask my colleague to stop rc5 on our Linux PCs,
> since I think that using idle CPU time is a good idea.
> So, I wonder if there is some neat solution to these constraints.
> I remenber having read a discussion about the use of idle
> Unix computers to prove a graph theory theorem
>  ( 4-color theorem I think ). The author 
> was exposing that the use of "nice" was not adequate and
> was using yet another method I forgot.
> The SETI project jobs are going to run as "SreenSavers" as I read
> on their WWW site, and this should constitute a better solution.
> In fact, I just registered to SETIatHome.
> Is there any Unix software which can help us in the current
> situation :
>   1/ run only after no interactive activity has been detected
>   for a minute or so.
>   2/ enable to have different level of priority with these
>   "screen savers" jobs or better have 
>   "screen savers" of different hierachies..
>   research jobs running after no interactive being active for a while.  
>   distributed computing rc5 jobs running only 
>   after no research or interactive jobs being active for a while.

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