[RC5] DES coming...

Andreas Kunz andreas.kunz at ira.uka.de
Mon Nov 23 12:50:34 EST 1998

Yes, it's less than two months to DES-II 3!
And thanks to EFF the rules are like this:
"The 'previous winner's' time that will be used for this next 
 contest is 56 hours so the prizes are $10,000 for a break within 
 14 hours, $5000 for a break within 28 hours and $1,000 for a break 
 within 42 hours. After that - nothing."

Right, we are pretty much faster than in July, but can we do it in as
few hours as 42 or even 14 ??

-We'd have to find a possibility to switch to DES VERY fast to have a
chance. Most computers have a clock and most of them have the right
time/date. Can't the clients connect to the keyservers when they feel
it could be time for DES? Or sort of popup-Window for the
not-always-connected Computers: "Hey guy, I think DES started! What
about connecting?".

-I remember that AFTER the beginning of DES-II 2 suddenly there were
new Client versions every day. Better, if they will be available some
days BEFORE the contest begins next time...

-As I understood EFF wasn't that much faster than us last time. They
only got the prize because we cracked every key a few minutes or hours
after them. That was because we both went linear through the keyspace.
What about starting at the end, in the middle or distributing keys
randomly? So the chances to win correspond to the computing-power not
to "who's a tick faster".

-14 to 42 hours... can we do that at all? Perhaps it would make sense
to work together with EFF or another group (if there is one and
willing). The agreement could be to split the keyspace - and split the
prize. Both depending on the computing power (estimated - tested
I don't know if EFF has a much faster machine now (or in January). If
not they are in the same trouble as we are and they can't be sure to
crack it in time. So they could be interested in this agreement.

What do you think about this ideas?


Andreas Kunz -*- andreas.kunz at ira.uka.de

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