[RC5] The cow's nose

Carson Michael Chittom cmchitto at olemiss.edu
Mon Nov 23 12:08:05 EST 1998

At 08:45 AM 11/23/98 -0700, you wrote:

>Ok..this is weird..I've just upgraded to windows 98 and I noticed that the
>nose on the cow icon in the system tray changes color occasionally! I never
>noticed this in win95 and I assumed it had to do with me changing color
>depths without rebooting. However, my friend is also running 98 and he said
>he's noticed the same thing. Has anyone seen this? The little cow's nose
>turned pink, black, and gray. :-)

	Now, to add to the weirdness:  I started with Win98, no upgrade, and the
icon's nose always seems to be grey.  I've never noticed a color change.

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