[RC5] DES coming...

CompuPC1 at aol.com CompuPC1 at aol.com
Wed Nov 25 12:19:20 EST 1998

Of course, not everybody can have their computers dialing up all the time:

Online mode: it should connect to the keyservers whenever needed.
Offline mode: don't connect, but give message notifying user about des
contest, 	saying to please connect.
Dialup-Lurk: Dial and connect whenever needed (like at the start of DES)
Dialup-Lurk Only: Give message in as in offline mode, update when online

Regardless of the mode, it would be a good idea to print a message after every
block for the last week or so before the contest start, telling them to get
the latest version, be sure to connect at whatever the time it, etc...


> We can easily meet condition #2 by adding a timer into the clients
>  and have the key servers inform the clients of the starting time.
>  There time should be a bit random, and care should be given to avoid
>  the time zones pitfalls.

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