[RC5] ppstats rc5 v4.1

Kevin Pesce kpesce at maine.rr.com
Wed Nov 25 13:07:48 EST 1998

Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that Personal Proxy Statistics has
graduated to version 4.1 and is looking pretty fine. Many issues (bugs)
have been addressed and there are tons of new features.

Example output can be found at http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/rc5/stats/
and the full GPL source code at

New features since I last posted here about ppstats include:

 o GNUplot generated GIF charts for the team, each email and host!
 o DNS hostname caching. Useful for teams with a very large IP base.
 o Basic Cascading Style Sheet information added to all HTML files, giving
   ppstats a very unique look and feel.
 o New GNUplot documentation.
 o A new graph style type based on a easy to render table if you choose
   not to use the GIF plots.

Requires Perl 5.0 and optionally GNUplot 3.6 with GIF support compiled in.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome!
Kevin Pesce

 Kevin M. Pesce
 University of Southern Maine Computer Users Group
 mailto:kpesce at usmcug.usm.maine.com

 "Dijkstra probably hates me." (Linus Torvalds, in kernel/sched.c)

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