[RC5] DES coming...

Patrick Coen patrick.coen at skynet.be
Tue Nov 24 22:22:08 EST 1998

Andreas Kunz wrote:
> [...]
> -We'd have to find a possibility to switch to DES VERY fast to have a
> chance. [...] Can't the clients connect to the keyservers when they 
> feel it could be time for DES? Or sort of popup-Window for the
> not-always-connected Computers: "Hey guy, I think DES started! What
> about connecting?".
Having all the clients connect at about the same time would create a
huge amount of net traffic, wouldn't it ? 
Maybe a better solution would be to distribute the keys to the clients
some days before the start of the contest, and then have the clients
just connect (to a local server of some sort) to get the actual
competition data (the encrypted value and the IV). This could be done at
a time where the clients "feel like it's time", because just
distributing the competition data would not create as much traffic as
distributing blocks as well.

This method of course implies that the clients that got the keyspace
actually handle those keys... (but that also goes if you don't
distribute the keys in advance)

my 2p worth
patrick.coen at skynet.be

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