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Wed Nov 25 15:14:14 EST 1998

On 24-Nov-1998, Rick Martin wrote:
> We're covering the keyspace in a nearly linear fashion.  That is, a
> part of the whole keyspace is allocated to someone, then that part is
> assumed to be processed.  The reality is, of course, that some parts
> will be trashed by dying hard disks (he says, sheepishly), some will
> be lost by "dead participants" (which discussion I have read).  Plus
> there are blocks which get "stale" and don't come back for absolutely
> ages.
> My idea to fill the gaps is relatively straightforward:  Those of us
> with permanent connections (as I have from one machine but not from
> the others) could look to a proxy which maintains the keyblocks which
> have, supposedly, already been allocated for processing.  Since these
> machines are permanently on, the blocks would be returned within a
> reasonable timeframe, say a day or two, without the usual "stale
> block" problems, and we could probably achieve 100% coverage of at
> least a handful of the key superblocks.

 We are already able to fill these gaps by simply "recycling" blocks that
 have been MIA for a couple months.  This way, users don't have to intervene
 if they think their client/box/connection is stable.  I think it's safe to
 say that blocks over 90 days old are subject to being recycled. 

 I haven't been recycling for a while but plan to begin soon so the keymaster
 doesn't have to track more and more subspaces.  My goal is to stop tracking
 some of the first subspaces (0x64, 0x65, 0x66, etc) within a few months after
 we've originally recycled them and "completed" ~99%.


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