[RC5] DES coming...

Edwin ten Dam etd at bigfoot.com
Thu Nov 26 09:55:47 EST 1998

Thus spoke the keyboard of dbaker at cuckoo.com (25/11/98):
> On 24-Nov-1998, Patrick Coen wrote:
>> Andreas Kunz wrote:
>> >
>> > [...]
>> > -We'd have to find a possibility to switch to DES VERY fast to have a
>> > chance. [...] Can't the clients connect to the keyservers when they
>> > feel it could be time for DES? Or sort of popup-Window for the
>> > not-always-connected Computers: "Hey guy, I think DES started! What
>> > about connecting?".
>> Having all the clients connect at about the same time would create a
>> huge amount of net traffic, wouldn't it ?
>  Yep.  Additionally, the keymaster can't generate blocks quickly enough
>  to handle such a load.  At the beginning of DES-II-2, it took it about ~40
>  minutes just to fill the buffers off the proxies.
> Daniel

Could we start of by letting clients start work on random blocks in say the 
first three hours of the competition? That way we would only have to hand 
out the encrypted value and the IV (this still might or might not be a 
bottleneck, but would eliminate the need to wait for the keymaster to 
generate the keys).

I also think the idea to split the keyspace (or at least start from 
opposite ends) between us and EFF is sound. Does anyone know what their 
plans are? Ofcourse, they might have increased their capacity enough not to 
care about our plans.


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